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XLVI STH9 Two Grouphead Model 2023

XLVI STH9 Two Grouphead Model 2023

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This model of XLVI coffee machines is a huge upgrade in their products. Using this Multi Boiler machine will guarantee your coffeeshop to serve best cup of Espresso even in rush hours without any issue. The big 14 Liters copper boiler of this machine provide you unlimited ability for frothing milk instantly. Some other Technical data:

XLVI STH9- 2groups: 

-Net Weight: 68kg

-Steam Boiler: 14 Liters made of Copper

-Espresso Boiler: 800 ml 

-Dimensions: 55*73*55

-Power Rate: 5700-6200w

-Voltage: 220-240v 3phase

-LED lights around the body


  • Multibolier technology
  • Saturated group 7,5 kg
  • Last generation P.I.D system
  • Full stainless steel / copper insulated chassis
  • Internal rotation pump 150 liters /hours
  • Smooth flow: sweet and steady dispensing flow for a velvety and homogeneous texture into the cup
  • Steam box: It allow to adjust the pressure and the steam flow for a compact and hydrated cream
  •  Fingerboard “Easy use”:
    it is conceived in a very intuitive way and to be comfortable to the touch

    • LCD display touch and Extraction stop- watch

    • Settings:

    • –  Automatic switch on /off
    • –  Eco mode
    • –  Automatic washing
    • –  Maintenance warns
    • • Coffee counter
    • • Customizable machine





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