Rent To Own

We offer you a special payment solution which is provided by ourselves and it's Rent to Own. If you're planning to run a coffee shop and it's a bit risky to pay all the equipment fee at once or of you would like to pay the cost of running a new coffee shop with the same coffee shop sales, you can use the Rent to Own service and pay for the equipment on monthly basis.

Some Of Our Brands


How it works?!

We offer 2 type of payment packages, 6months and 12months monthly payments.

What brands?!

All machines are included in this service.

Is there any minimum and maximum purchase for Rent to Own service?

Yes, your total purchase must be over 30,000aed and less than 80,000aed

Is there down payment?!

Yes, first you have to pay 25% of the full amount as down payment

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There are some paperwork and documentations that will be done in our office. We need your signature, Identification of your business and the owner of the business, a cheque for security of payment.

How can we rent to own a machine?!

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