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Mx. Cool Katze Coffee Scale

Mx. Cool Katze Coffee Scale

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Product Description

This is scale is one of best options available in the market to extract best cup of espressos without any risk of damage or losing time or inaccurate weights.

This scale is designed in a slim shape that the body protects electronics and cell against water and heavy weights up to 12kg.

It's a very precise and responsive scale with ability to work in 4 modes: Manual - Pour Over - Pre Infusion Espresso - First Drop Espresso

  • One-click Pop-up, easy to store and carry away
  • Patented protective structure with 12 kg pressure resistance when the screen is retracted
  • Water-resistant and steam-resistant
  • High-Sensitivity and High-Resolution accuracy
  • Use Type-C Charging


  • Manual Mode: Weighing and timing manually.
  • Pour-Over Mode: Once the mode is activated, the timer will start automatically when water flow is detected; when brewing is complete, press “MODE/TIME” to lock the data on the screen. Replace the container to restart the mode.
  • Espresso A Mode: Automatically deduct weights once the container is placed. The timer initiates as it senses espresso, and it stops automatically when the extraction is complete, with the data locked on the screen. Reposition the container to restart the mode and debug any misreading.
  • Espresso B Mode: For Pre-Infusion or full-extraction recording. The mode begins automatically upon placing the container, simultaneously initiating the timer and deducting the weight. Once the extraction is complete, the timer stops automatically, locking the data on the screen. To restart the mode or debug any misreading, simply reposition the container.

Technical Specification

Product Dimensions (W*D*H): 4.74 inch x 4.74 inch x 0.85 inch /
120.5 mm x 120.5 mm x 21.7 mm

Weighing Pan (Black) – Aluminum with anodization of Sandblasting treatment.
Weighing Pan (White) – Aluminum with Painting treatment.
Body: PC + ABS

Product Weight: 378 g / 0.83 pound

Minimum Scale Resolution: 0.1 g

Maximum Weight Capacity: 2000 g

Weight Unit: g/oz

Battery: 420mAh Lithium Polymer Battery.

Charging Port: Type-C

Input Voltage: DC 5V/500mA

  • Digital display is clear, and not afraid of sunlight
  • Four modes options Manual Mode, Pour-Over, and two Espresso Modes